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Hello and welcome to my art blog. It's me, Snuff, you may know me from my terrible personal blog. This blog, however, is art only. So, I'd give you my art tag but you know, kind of fruitless. All my dorky fanart will be posted exclusively on my personal blog. Anyway, feel free to direct any questions or whatever at me, I'm always excited to talk.

Three new illustrations, I chose to work on a theme of technological nostalgia.

All inked traditionally, colored digitally.

Inspired by my cool analog-lovin’ bros and ladybros.

The arcade in Uptown just close a week or two ago and I’m sad as heck. Ms. Pac Man and Galaga I will miss especially. RIP Rusty Quarters.

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    Waitwaitwait Rusty Quarters closed??? Man. Fuck that. :(
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    Some things I did. Yes I have a serious problem with buzzed hair and wood grain. What of it?
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